CiakMagmaWave Films arrives with over 30 years of experience in television and film .  It’s founder, Daniel McVicar, actor, producer and director, whose work has been seen worldwide.

With its group of specialists in film and digital media, based in Torino, Italy and in Los Angeles, MagmaWave is your partner for high definition and high quality film and television, in English and Italian.

Having produced longform “Making of” Documentaries in Italy, several high level commercial videos, and as one of the pioneers of web video, MagmaWave Film is partnering on international coproductions for the film and television markets, with several projects in development.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, t’s action fantasy project “The Last Cavalier” is scheduled to bring the story of Michael Cross to the Comic community with the publication of the graphic novel version with illustrations by acclaimed Marvel comic artist Gianluca Gugliotta.